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Deliveroo's Snack To The Future report : Food in 2040

Step into the world of 2040, where technological evolutions are reshaping the landscape of food delivery and dining experiences.

11 July 2023 –Step into the world of 2040, where technological evolutions are reshaping the landscape of food delivery and dining experiences. From desktop to the dining table, bench to the beach, Deliveroo presents the SNACK TO THE FUTURE report, bringing together leading futurists and experts from the worlds of food, science, technology, and innovation to offer a forward-looking glimpse into the forthcoming culinary revolution.

Led by Deliveroo’s global team, and drawing upon the expertise of notable figures such as Georgie Barrat (Technology Journalist and TV Presenter on The Gadget Show) and Tom Cheesewright (applied Futurist), the Deliveroo-powered SNACK TO THE FUTURE report unveils groundbreaking predictions and remarkable technological advancements anticipated by 2040.

These transformative developments are poised to revolutionize the way consumers savor their meals, transcending physical boundaries and redefining the very essence of dining itself. Key predictions and technological advancements that are set to rock consumers’ world by 2040 include:

  • BREATH-PRINTS: Expect personal tech devices to be enabled with BreathTech, meaning you can breathe on your device and get a deep level of insight into what foods you should be eating to have an optimal impact on your individual health and well-being.

  • ME-GANSIM: Move over Keto, the predicted next big thing in dieting and set to be the mainstream diet of the future, is the Me-gan diet (Me-ganism); a hyper-personalised diet, powered by AI technology, which is fully bespoke to people’s individual mental, physical social, and environmental needs and goals. By 2040, people will live with certain technologies designed to combine information and receive personalized diet recommendations.

  • PERSONAL AIs: A personal AI is a digital representation of an individual’s mind, constantly acquiring knowledge and insights from their personal experiences. Underpinning the Me-gan diet and lifestyle, AI technology will offer you your own personal AI (a lifelong AI buddy) which will help automate and tailor what you are eating based on preferences and needs at any given time. By 2040, it is anticipated that individuals will increasingly seek personalized insights into the development of their own body and mind throughout life. A personal AI will serve as a means to access such valuable information.

  • CHALLENGED SENSES: Food that makes you feel… food delivery services will be using additional digital audio and visual content to elevate the meal enjoyment experience, so much so that it could take food pleasure to the next level by challenging customer's senses

  • EDIBLE BEAUTY: Get ready to see the food and beauty industry become more integrated than ever with a rise in edible beauty products like anti-aging ice cream and the chance to dine from hormone-balancing and dopamine-driving menus

  • 3D PRINTED MEAL PLANS: From packed lunches to printed lunches, the progress in 3D food printing could empower individuals to personalize the shape, density, appearance, and texture of their food according to their preferences. Consequently, we can bid farewell to the food not looking or tasting the way we want it to.
  • VR DINNER PARTIES: Dine with celebrities, and royals, or recreate food moments from famous movies thanks to VR technology, which will simulate dining experiences from the comfort of your home - think: enjoying a delightful breakfast at Tiffany’s, while you’re tucking into a chicken sandwich on the sofa.

  • FAREWELL FUSSY EATERS: Thanks to VR and AR technology, your brains could be tricked into thinking you are eating something you are not, for example, if you are a fussy eater who doesn’t want to eat vegetables, you could put on smart glasses and think you are eating chocolate or sweets.

  • RESTORATIVE RESTAURANTS: New restaurant concepts will remove outside world distractions, with personal tech devices banned at entry and a rise in the popularity of silent cafés and restaurants, ONLY offering tables for one to encourage mindful eating.

  • PASS THE AMARANTH: Whole grain staples, such as corn or maize, are about to look very different with alternatives such as amaranth, fonio, sorghum, teff, khorasan, einkorn and emmer, all likely to be mainstream in 2040.

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