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Deliveroo Qatar launches cutlery opt-in feature to cut down on takeaway plastics

Deliveroo Qatar adopts its second environment sustainability initiative, launching the opt-in cutlery feature on the Deliveroo app.

10 January 2023 –Deliveroo Qatar has launched its opt-in cutlery feature through the app, encouraging consumers and restaurants to reduce their plastic waste.

The introduction of the opt-in feature has been a huge success in Deliveroo’s operational countries in the past few years and the business has witnessed a significant drop in cutlery use since its introduction. The online delivery platform’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste which has been detrimental to the planet.

Keshav Jayant, Country Manager of Deliveroo Qatar said: “Each one of us plays a pivotal role in preserving the environment. We kickstarted our sustainability journey with two initiatives in Qatar, the first being the distribution of reusable water bottles to our agency riders to cut down on single-use plastic bottles, and now we carry on with our sustainability journey by launching the “opt-in cutlery” feature via our app. Sustainable initiatives have always been a priority to our business and we will ensure that people enjoy their food while we proactively transform our practices into more eco-friendly ones."

Deliveroo is on a continuous quest to invest in more sustainable strategies to protect the environment. The online delivery platform implemented the Opt-in cutlery feature and the reusable bottle initiative, both with the aim of improving the industry’s approach to reducing plastic waste.

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