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Deliveroo Qatar achieves big milestones in its first 100 days

Deliveroo marked its successful introduction in Qatar and continues to offer great value to its three-sided marketplace of consumers, restaurants, and riders.

24 January 2023 –Deliveroo marked its successful introduction in Qatar and continues to offer great value to its three-sided marketplace of consumers, restaurants, and riders. During its initial period of operation in Qatar, the food delivery service established partnerships with over 1000 international and local restaurants, onboarded hundreds of riders who reported high levels of satisfaction (rated 8.3 out of 10), and implemented two programs focused on environmental sustainability.

Established partnerships

To reach its goal of offering a great selection of food and experiences to customers, Deliveroo has partnered with over 1000 restaurants in Qatar, including both local and international chains such as Evergreen Organics, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Pate Sucree, Subway, Nando’s and Shake Shack, to name a few. As a result, customers who used Deliveroo have rated the platform 4.4 out of 5 in terms of customer satisfaction as they were pleased with the service and the wide selection of cuisines.

On-boarded hundreds of riders

Deliveroo on-boarded hundreds of riders to kickstart their operations and was the first food aggregator to provide them with fully-equipped bikes that are mounted with LED boxes to ensure their safety, comfort and stability on the road while keeping the food intact. Riders were also kitted with highly breathable uniforms that are made from 100% polyester with UV blocking and moisture-wicking capabilities designed for hot weather conditions. They were provided with safety kits which include helmets, padded armours, and safety gloves. These factors have ultimately helped in ensuring a fast and reliable delivery service while optimizing riders’ health and wellbeing: a recent riders satisfaction survey indicated that Deliveroo riders continue to express high levels of satisfaction, with overall rider satisfaction scores at 8.3, in line with global benchmarks.


On the sustainability front, and in alignment with Qatar’s sustainability strategy and goal to reduce single-use plastics, Deliveroo launched two initiatives in its first 100 days of operation. The first initiative saw Deliveroo distribute reusable water bottles to riders to reduce their usage of plastic water bottles. Deliveroo also launched its opt-in cutlery feature in the app with an aim to reduce single-use plastic cutlery.

Keshav Jayant, Country Manager of Deliveroo Qatar said "I am extremely honored to take part in Deliveroo’s growth, witness its first milestones in Qatar and create value within the three-sided marketplace. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to our riders whose hard work and dedication have been nothing less than exceptional, our restaurant partners who surpassed our expectations and successfully cooperated with us to make our plans come to fruition, and our valued customers who made our journey in Qatar all worthwhile."

Within the upcoming months, Deliveroo Qatar will be revealing many more exciting local initiatives and activities that will have a positive impact on riders, partners, and the Qatari community, in alignment with Qatar National Vision 2030.

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